3D CT Scan

Our office has a state-of-the-art Cone Beam Computed Tomography (3D CT Scan) which releases lower radiation levels and has a shorter exposure time than conventional CT scanners. This technology is used for the placement of dental implants with 99.5% accuracy, since it lets us capture accurate information that translates into precise dentistry.
We have the option to choose multiple fields of view, from HD 3-D imaging to 2-D digital panoramic. Based on patient's treatment we can determine if we need a broader or limited image.

Digital Radiography System

Our radiography system comes with a complete set of rounded and more comfortable positioners that are able to capture images in less than 2 seconds, thus reducing our patient's radiation exposure and waiting time in the office.


Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) reliefs fear and anxiety, while remaining conscious during the procedure. It is quick acting with very little side effects, allowing you to return immediately to your normal routine.


We are a paperless and environmentally friendly office. Our technology allow us to use electronic records and digital imaging. This office was built with the intention of reducing our ecological footprint thus protecting the environment.


Our top of the line equipment and our ergonomic dental chairs offer a cushioning effect that reduces the patient's pressure points and support along their bodies, with longer leg room and a more comfortable head and backrest.


The latest technology in ultrasonic scalers, specifically designed to removed sub gingival calculus on sensitive teeth, and allows for a more comfortable cleaning experience. It's the cavitron of the future.

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