Tissue Grafting

Gum recession can make your teeth feel sensitive and look longer than usual. Recession may progress unnoticed for years and if left untreated, may advance to further gum disease, bone loss, root decay, and eventual tooth loss. Clear signs of severe gum recession translate into sensitivity to cold food and beverages and pain while brushing and flossing.

Gum recession is corrected through Soft Tissue Grafting procedures. These techniques create thicker, stronger gum tissue that covers the exposed portions of the tooth roots.

During a Soft Tissue Graft procedure, gum tissue will be removed from a site in your mouth or from a donor to cover the exposed root of one tooth or several teeth. Beyond covering the exposed roots, it is more important to increase the width of the gum tissue, which will be protective and long lasting. This procedure also helps eliminate sensitivity around the affected area, preventing root caries and possible future gum or bone loss.

This procedure is performed under local anesthetic. Sedation may be available.


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